Fine Wire Diathermy

Fine Wire Diathermy is a treatment that involves passing a small electric charge down a fine needle into an unwanted spot, causing this spot to shrivel and disappear. It may take the spot anywhere from 5 to 7 days to a few weeks to disappear, depending on the body part treated and the amount of current used. It is a safe procedure and gives good results. 

Fine Wire Diathermy can be used for minor skin blemishes such as: skin tags, milia, syringomas, seborrheic keratoses, sebaceous hyperplasia, small blood vessels and spider naevi.

After you have had the procedure a small crusty sore will appear, this wound will take around 7 days to heal on the face and slightly longer if elsewhere on the body. 

A scab will form over the sore which will eventually drop off when the healing is complete. It is important to protect the treated area with a broad-spectrum sunscreen while it is healing, not to pick the scab and let the skin completely heal. It is a safe, effective treatment if performed carefully by a dermatologist.

Occasionally, more than one treatment is required if there are many lesions or depending on the type of lesion.